Prime_E Rev 2 PCB

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Prime_E is an ergo 45% layout. This PCB is compatible with the original Prime_E case as well as a few 3rd party cases. Changes in Rev2 include: South facing switches, hotswap sockets have gone away, Vcc, GND, unused MCU pins have been broken out and the PCB outline has been slimmed up to provide more variation in case design from 3rd parties and DIY cases. 3 white indicator LEDs are now pre-soldered at the factory. 

  • USB-C
  • Fully assembled and pre-flashed with firmware
  • ESD protection
  • standard in-switch backlight support
  • QMK/VIA compatible

The following files will be helpful if you are designing a case for the Prime_E PCB. These files are provided as-is and are not intended to use as final design drawings. They are simply a reference to utilize in order to jump-start your own designs. 

2D cross sections of the original Prime_E case

3D STP models of both PCB versions