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Prime_E Rev 2 Acrylic Case

Prime_E Rev 2 Acrylic Case

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These cases are made in batches of ~20. The next batch is started once the currently available batch is sold out. Turnaround time per batch is approximately 1 week. If sold out, the best way to be notified of the next restock is to sign up for the notification by entering your email address above.

This acrylic case is produced in-house here at Prime Keyboards. Every screw hole is countersunk by hand to provide a clean aesthetic. Brass heat-set inserts are pre-installed on the base and on the feet which make for a clean, straight forward build.

The clear variant utilizes frosted acrylic on top and bottom, which helps to reduce fingerprints/smudges as well as diffuse the light emitted from the RGB LEDs. Stainless steel screws

The black variant has a matte black top surface finish. The bottom layer is cut from a specialty acrylic that appears opaque but actually transmits and diffuses the light emitted from the under glow RGB LEDs. Black oxide screws. 

Here's what you get with each case:

  • Just 4 layers
    • 3mm base
    • 9.52mm middle
    • 1.5mm black POM switch plate.
    • 6.35mm top/bezel
  • Acrylic feet that provide a 6° typing angle
  • PrimeKB Bumpons
  • All brass/stainless steel hardware
  • 3x light pipes for indicators

* This case is only compatible with Prime_E Rev2 PCBs. 

* This product listing is only for the case. Switches, keycaps and PCB are not included. 

* It is not guaranteed that all layers of the case will be perfectly flush with one another on the sides.