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Meridian Parts/Accessories

Meridian Parts/Accessories

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Aluminum plates are 1.5mm and anodized black. Made via CNC. Every Meridian kit already includes one of these. 

POM plates are 1.5mm, black, and come with a protective film so they don't get scuffed in transit. Made in-house via laser. 

Wrist rests are frosted polycarbonate and come with clear bumpons. 

Standard PCBs have customizable* RGB indicator LEDs. QMK/VIA compatible. 

RGB PCBs are per-switch RGB. Not underglow. Indicator LEDs are plain static white LEDs. QMK/VIA compatible. RGB PCBs have a fixed layout: standard capslock, standard unified backspace, split right shift. The image in this product listing representing layouts only applies to the standard PCB. 

Carry cases include EVA foam cut to fit the shape of the Meridian. It does NOT have an affixed label window for Custom Carry Case Labels, unfortunately. Every R3 Meridian kit is shipped in one of these cases by default. These are extras intended for users of R1 and R2 Meridians. Though of course anyone is welcome to purchase them. 


* customizable via firmware modifications. Cannot be customized from within VIA. All available Standard PCBs utilize the KTR1010 version of the firmware
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