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Prime_E Rev 2 RGB PCB

Prime_E Rev 2 RGB PCB

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Prime_E is an ergo 45% layout. This PCB is compatible with the original Prime_E case as well as a few 3rd party cases. This latest revision includes addressable RGB under glow LEDs while getting rid of the traditional in-switch backlight support.  

  • USB-C
  • Fully assembled and pre-flashed with firmware
  • ESD protection
  • RGB under glow. 
  • QMK/VIA compatible

The following files will be helpful if you are designing a case for the Prime_E PCB. These files are provided as-is and are not intended to use as final design drawings. They are simply a reference to utilize in order to jump-start your own designs. 

2D cross sections of the original Prime_E case

3D STP models of both PCB versions

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