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Deskeys Switch Films + Stabilizer pads

Deskeys Switch Films + Stabilizer pads

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120 films per pack PLUS 16 Stabilizer pads

Borrowing from the same technologies used in the Deskeys' Topre-silencing Des Rings, their brand new switch films shape themselves to match various MX style housings for unparalleled compatibility and vibration reduction. 

One Film Fits All

The very compressible nature of the 0.3mm thick films allows fitment in various housings, whether the gap is large or small. The film fits itself around the housing parts, firmly securing the halves for wobble reduction and acoustic benefits.

A Proven Solution

The vibration-damping qualities of the gasket switch films quieten and attenuate vibrations of the top housing.


Tested switches: 

  • Cherry MX
  • Gateron milky tops
  • Gateron ink
  • Healios
  • Alpacas
  • Kailh Creams