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The Prime_M is a premium input device that is designed to be flexible so that it can cover many needs. The case is milled from a solid block of aluminum and features an integrated switch plate, which is 4.75mm thick yet designed to allow MX style switches to properly snap in. The bottom cover is machine from solid brass and is pre-drilled/countersunk for use with optional feet to give the device a slight tilt. The PCB supports the popular keyboard firmware QMK. 


Case Finishes: Powder coated in either matte white or semigloss black


    The Prime_M supports the following layouts:

    • Full grid
    • Standard numpad with 2 spare columns on the left for macros or whatever else you may need handy
    • Full grid with a 2u key in the lower right. Useful if you want to use this device as a gaming pad. 
    • Two can be used for a split ortholinear setup. (two separate USB cables must be used)


    Included in the kit:

    • Aluminum Case
    • Brass bottom
    • Fully Assembled PCB (Atmega32u2)
    • 10x M2 screws
    • 3x authentic cherry PCB-mounted stabilizers
    • rubber bumpon pads


    What you will need to complete a build:

    • Switches
    • Keycaps
    • USB-mini cable


    Programming information may be found HERE.