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Prime_E - GB Closed

Prime_E - GB Closed

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Prime_E. A 45% keyboard. This GB will run for 2 weeks, starting May 3rd. Choose between four case colors and 2 indicator LED options: all white or RGB mix. Indicator LEDs will NOT come pre-soldered. 

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  • 4.75mm integrated switch plate
  • Inner alphas rotated inward at 8deg
  • 6deg incline
  • 3 indicator LEDs (choose all white or RGB mix)
  • All aluminum 2-part case
  • 4 anodized color choices: Black, Silver, Gray and Red
  • Hotswap via Kailh sockets
  • USB-C
  • QMK
  • Via

Kit includes:

  • Top and bottom case parts
  • PCB, assembled (except for indicator LEDs)
  • Screws
  • Bumpon pads

Standalone PCB can be purchased HERE.

MOQ is 50

ETA: Estimated to ship 4 months after GB period ends



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  • Though it is unlikely to occur, minor defects in either anodizing or the aluminum it self that are located between the two case parts (ie where the PCB goes and not visible when assembled) are considered to be acceptable.