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A compact layout with the footprint of your typical 65% board, featuring a left mini-numpad. Fully programmable with support for EasyAVR and QMK firmware. Pre-drilled and counter sunk holes for use with optional feet for a slight tilt. Switches are oriented so that back light LEDs are on the top of the switch.

Kit includes:

  • CNC machined aluminum case, powder coated in black
  • Brushed stainless steel switch plate
  • Fully assembled programmable PCB, pre-flashed with basic layout
  • Brass standoffs
  • Screws
  • Bumpon rubber feet
  • 2x Authentic Cherry Corp plate-mounted stabilizers
  • Custom neoprene insert to reduce/eliminate pinging and other typing noise (while supplies lasts)

 What you will need:

  • Switches
  • Keycaps (unless bundled herein)
  • USB cable (USB mini)
  • Feet (optional)

 Please note that the aluminum feet and keycaps shown in the product photos do not come with the kit. 


Keycap sets that are known to fully support this layout (with proper add-on kits)

  • DSA Bounty Hunter for Prime Keyboards/40/45%
  • DSA Granite
  • DSA HC Granite
  • XDA Milestone
  • XDA Canvas
  • XDA Godspeed
  • SA Godspeed
  • SA Carbon (R2)
  • GMK Nautilus (1u backspace will not be correct row profile) *
  • GMK Laser
  • Green Train PBT all over dye-sub (


Keycap sets that are very close to working perfectly (might have to use a shift key as spacebar etc. )

  • GMK Terminal
  • GMK Yuri
  • DSA Lightcyle
  • DSA Retro
  • DSA Miami Dolch
  • SA Amazing Chocolatier
  • MT3 /dev/tty
  • DSA Quartz
  • DSA Hana