Keyboard Update - 4/12/2018


PCBs are on hand and have been tested/flashed with a basic layout. Stainless Steel switch plates have been ordered. Currently waiting on estimates for the CNC milled aluminum case. I've decided to make the Prime_O case exactly match that of the Prime_L. Same shape, same color. Powder coated in black with a slight texture. The production batch just isn't big enough to justify the increased costs of having multiple case color/finish options.

ETA: A couple months probably. Hopefully sooner. 


Prime_L Round 2

PCBs and stainless steel plates have both been ordered. The cases for these kits will be taken from the remaining Prime_R stock. Prime_R PCBs and switch plates will be re-purposed for another project in the future. So, that means we don't have to wait for new cases to be machined!

ETA: 3 weeks or less I think



Good News: The cases will be done very shortly. Within a week or so

Bad News: The entire production run of PCBs has a flaw that is causing a short. An oversight on my part. A new order needs to be placed and manufactured. This will delay the Prime_M by 2-3 weeks. Technically the PCBs are still perfectly usable with a little manual modification. I plan on offering these PCBs in working order as B-stock at a discounted rate for those that might want to use these in a DIY case.