DSA Honeywell for most 40/45% boards

 So, shortly after announcing I wanted to produce a set specifically for Prime Keyboards, several people expressed a desire to have a set that covered not only the Prime_L but also common 40/45% boards. This wasn't a giant leap since the Prime_L is essentially a JD45 with a numpad, number row, and a slightly modified bottom row.  I'm excited to say that the order has been placed with Signature Plastics. 
I feel (and I'm sure I'm not alone) that users of 40% boards are under served in the custom keycap segment. Most sets either flat out don't support the smaller form factors, or you have to buy between 1-3 add-on kits to cover your board. Depending on how well this set goes, I really hope to produce more that are directly targeted at small form factor keyboards. Including some original color ways.
I know that if you own, say.. a Mechmini, you will be receiving way more keys than you need. However, you would still be spending FAR less on a set like this as opposed to a set that covers your typical standard layouts and then you have to buy those nifty add-on kits to make it work.
Additionally, I'm aware I'm not going to get rich by selling keyboards and keycap sets. And it certainly isn't my primary income. Therefore, I won't be charging as if it were. I'm not quite ready to announce pricing, but I can tell you that it will be extremely competitive. 
The following boards are supported
  • Prime_L
  • JD45
  • JD40
  • AMJ 40
  • Mechmini
  • Planck
  • Vortex Core
  • probably more